Let's get tea.
My name is Ankit. Like every other senior, I have six weeks left at Penn. If I don’t know you, I want to. Let's get tea and share stories. I won’t bite.
"Tell me more you weirdo."
I have 6 weeks left here at Penn. In four years, I've met amazing people, but I know I've only skimmed the surface. I have maybe like two friends total. There are 10,000 kids here. I'm sure I missed a few gems.

I bet you're awesome, so rub some of that on me.

If you want to confirm I'm not a crazy, this is my facebook profile, twitter, and instagram.
Why would you do this?
  • So I don't feel like a damn fool for making this site (but really, I'm really curious to see how this goes).
  • You drink tea. It's good for you.
  • I'm really exciting I promise!
    • You get to talk about yourself and it's not a job interview!
    • I'm at Capogiro all day anyway.
    • I'll tell you boring travel stories.
    • I draw stuff. I'll make one for you.
    • I was that Rap Genius kid.
  • It's not like you're doing anything anyway. If you're a second semester senior, YOLO. If you're not, YOLO.
  • If we're facebook friends and we don't know each other but we creepily like each other's stuff I creepily like your stuff on facebook, at least now you can say you know more than 17 of your 1500 "friends."
Yeah? Yeah. Cool. Fill out the form. I'll get at you tonight. Much love.